Navigation bar comes to Twitter’s Android app


Last week, the Twitter app for Android started receiving an update with a major design tweak. How one navigates the app is changing with the addition of a new navigation bar. Considering most Android apps have this format with the bottom bar for shortcuts, it probably won’t be your first time seeing the feature, but it might take getting used to if you’re completely new to it or use Twitter a lot.

Twitter thinks it made the right decision by adopting a navigation bar in the Twitter app for Android. The design finally makes more sense and falls more in line with the iOS version of the popular social media app. Upon opening the app, you will notice the change right away once you have it. The buttons make it easier to jump around to different sections of the app. Since it’s at the bottom, it’s also easy to access with your thumbs that rest above the screen. I took it for a spin on my phone over the weekend and I’d say it improves the app experience if you can make the adjustment. I feel like I have more control over what I’m doing because you can move around faster with less taps and loading in the way.

The buttons are shortcuts to your home feed, notifications, messages, and search function. They’re pretty much the sections you need, so Twitter is really going for ease of use here. The feature is rolling out server-side as we speak, so you cannot get it through the Play Store. If you don’t already have the update, you have to wait for Twitter to pull a switch for your device. Keep everything up to date and sit tight; it should arrive any day. Let us know in the comments if you see the change, and if so, your own thoughts. If you don’t like it, check out any of the various Twitter clients on Android.

Download Twitter at the link in brackets below or from the Play Store.

[Twitter – Download Link]

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