Netflix introduces new ‘Mobile Previews’ for previewing content on smartphones

Netflix is introducing a big update with one important new feature. ‘Mobile Previews’ has been designed to give users a preview of a particular movie or show without having to dive into the full-length film.

Netflix does not roll out updates to its service very often, so it’s usually important when they do. This update will have users excited. While the basic functionality of Mobile Previews isn’t really all that new, it is for Netflix and it will be super useful for frequent users of the video-streaming service.

With the update, users will start noticing 30-second video previews all throughout the app, presented in a vertical format. Hence, the improvement is for smartphones. Previously, Netflix had a similar function but only on select TV platforms. Since the previews will require the creator to make them, you don’t have to worry about cropping or anything like that, but availability will be limited at first.

This feature will be useful shall you find something that might be worth a watch. You’ll be able to watch the preview right where it is or add it to a playlist. If you’re not enjoying yourself, you’ll be able to swipe across to a new mobile preview. This will also help users find more content they might like.

Netflix claims the feature will help users scrounge less for shows and discover new shows more quickly. It will also keep users on the hunt looking for more video content to watch. The update has already rolled out on iOS and will soon make way to Android devices. We’re looking forward to it, how about you?

SOURCE [Netflix]

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