A new and improved LG V30 is coming to MWC 2018, and it’s not the LG V40

LG just when on record to confirm via its newsroom blog that a new LG V30 smartphone will be unveiled later this month in Barcelona at MWC 2018. The LG V30 2018 Edition will bring AI functions including recommended camera settings and lots more.

Samsung may have scared LG away from announcing an LG G7 and LG Pay (in the US), but not a new LG V30 smartphone. That’s right, the LG V30 will see a new version of which will be announced in just a few weeks at a place where smartphones will be no stranger.

This bit of news comes across as satisfying since LG’s future plans to help combat reported losses were uncertain up until this point. We heard there would be no LG G7 flagship device, but at least we’re getting something to look forward to from the company. The smartphone and some of its features have already been confirmed by the South Koran company on its blog, which doesn’t at all surprise us since we knew a whole lot about the regular LG V30 prior to its official unveiling.

The 2018 LG V30 will bring modern AI capabilities to software. LG Voice AI will be improved, adding the ability to communicate with the Google Assistant to provide users info they need, when they need it, and trigger certain functions within LG apps using added commands. Also boarding the upcoming device will be Vision AI for image recognition, similar to how Google Lens works. There will also be a new camera mode that uses AI technology to determine, using current conditions, a recommendation on how to set up the camera. This will be one of the highlighting new features and could be a game changer for photographers who might not need to adjust everything manually in the future.

LG will offer some of its new AI functions on other handsets as well, it just remains to be heard exactly which ones. It doesn’t sound like LG will be making any changes to hardware, but we’ll have to wait and see.


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