New Instagram Lite app hits Play Store by surprise

Instagram seems to have launched a new app without notice. This morning, TechCrunch and users of social media spotted an Instagram Lite application on the Play Store. There was no report, no confirmation and no signs that such an app was coming.

Instagram has seemingly come out with a brand new app on the Play Store called ‘Instagram Lite’. Some Android users have already been able to download the app and we have the link for you below to check out. This was very unexpected as the app just appeared in the Play Store earlier today without prior notice. I guess it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise since Instagram announced new apps like IGTV and a plethora of app updates in the past few weeks.

Instagram Lite is just like any other ‘Lite’ app. It’s lightweight at only 600kb of space and is designed for those in developing countries who don’t have hundreds to spend on a smartphone or cellular data. The app features most of the same functions as the standard Instagram app and doesn’t have a lot of visual changes, though it’ll be interesting to see how the service changes and gets better with future updates.

Android users can download the app in select countries and it appears to be available on the Play Store as we speak. We’re still waiting on further word from Instagram, expected later today. If you decide to download the app for its data consumption and size benefits, just know that performance won’t be as good as you might be used to and some functions of the app are missing or limited such as the ability to share video or message friends directly. Perhaps it’ll be good for those of us with budget phones.

Download the app at the below link in brackets. Let us know if you get it running on your device and leave any thoughts in the comment section.

[Instagram Lite – Download Link]

SOURCE [TechCrunch]

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