New LG smartwatch with Wear OS arrives at the FCC

We’ve been hearing about the possibility of an LG smartwatch for a few months now. However, we are yet to see any images or leaked photos of the watch. LG might be keeping it a secret, but nobody can hide from the FCC. A few days ago, a mysterious LG watch made its way to the FCC, leaking some information with its certification documents.

An upcoming LG watch with Wear OS (formerly Android Wear) was at the FCC this week, but so was another LG watch in May. Either there’s more than one LG Wear OS watch in the works, which is very possible, or the first one was killed off in favor of a new one with a new model number. The name of at least one watch is said to be LG Watch Timepiece and be a watch-smartwatch hybrid. I think there’s a good chance LG will release more than one watch, as after all, watches come in different sizes and forms with varying prices. LG was no stranger to this with Watch Style and Watch Sport just a year ago, so maybe one is a higher-priced ‘plus’ model.

The FCC documents confirm that the newer device is indeed a Wear OS smartwatch made by LG. We can also confirm that the device will have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. There’s no evidence of cellular, but it seems that the watch will have a round display. If it’s like past devices, it’ll work with some Android and some iOS phones. The top rumored feature is Qualcomm’s new chipset, said to have gained support by a number of OEMs looking to re-enter the wearable space in the next year. With future options expected to include a Pixel Watch and possible Galaxy Watch, this new chipset could provide some relief for Google’s Wear OS platform that needs modern options.

LG could be first to release a smartwatch with the new version of Wear OS (Android P) pre-installed. This wouldn’t surprise us considering LG sticks by Google and was first to come out with many products in the past. Since the FCC is usually the last stop mobile devices make before their official introduction, LG could very well announce whatever it has been preparing, very soon. Stay tuned for more details.

Do you think LG has one or two watches in the works? Let us know what you want to see in the comments.


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