New ‘Messenger Kids’ app from Facebook releases on iOS, Android to get it soon

Facebook has a brand new messaging app called ‘Messenger Kids.’ As its name implies, the client has been designed with kids as the primary audience. The application just made its way to Apple’s App Store on iOS, but will soon release on Android.

Messenger Kids is a new app from Facebook “For Families to Connect.” You’ll be able to download and install it on Android “In the coming months,” according to the company, which doesn’t sound too promising. Here’s what you can expect.

Messenger Kids is for kids, but your kids may not like it. Here’s why. With Messenger Kids, parents have control over who their children communicate with and can be contacted by on the social network. In doing this, Facebook is confident that it has taken the best possible approach for a messaging app out today so that parents can enjoy some peace of mind that their children are safe when communicating online.

Parents must set up the app initially and create a contact list of which should contain approved contacts (can be updated). Their child, upon entering the app, will be restricted to contacting only those on the approved contact list. Not only will this keep your child away from messaging people they don’t know and put an end to random people contacting your child, but it’ll familiarize you with your child’s friends since you’ll be the one creating the “approved” friend list. The child can then use one-on-one conversations or group conversations, and a variety of standard Facebook features in communicating with any of the selected people. And since this is an app for kids, there are bonus features for those of young age to spice up the experience such as kid-appropriate GIFs, frames, stickers, and drawing tools.

Kids will be able to communicate with adults as well, if approved, and those adults won’t need to install the new kid-friendly Facebook Messenger app to receive and respond to those messages. The messages will go through to their regular Facebook Messenger app. If you’re a protective parent, this may be a good route to take with your little one.

SOURCE [Facebook]

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