New Raspberry Rose LG V30 variant is a Valentine gift waiting to be wrapped

There’s a newcomer ready to paint the town Red. Raspberry Rose, according to LG’s website, is “an intense saturated version of Red quite unlike any previous smartphone color offered by LG or its competitors.” It is intense alright — my wife let out an “Awww, that’s cute, I want one” comment after watching me look over the photos of this new LG V30 variant.

Joining current color options, Lavender Violet, Moroccan Blue, Cloud Silver, and Aurora Black — the new LG V30 Raspberry Rose color variant is marketed towards fashion-conscious folks who put a premium on uniqueness and style.

Combine the bright new color with the LG V30’s flagship specs and you got yourself a true winner. A Snapdragon 835 processor, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, and a 6-inch screen with ultra slim bezels, make this up to standard with current leaders in the smartphone race. All the specifications are the same as the regular LG V30, so you’re still getting the dual camera set up (16MP + 13MP main), IP68 water and dust resistance, the impressive 32-bit Quad DAC, and all that goodness. Granted, it’s still not as awesome spec-wise as the Korea-only LG V30 Signature Edition but hey, it’s probably the next best thing if you’re looking for something different.

LG will introduce the new Raspberry Rose hue for its high-end model at CES 2018 next week. Expect the model shortly after the show with the first units becoming available in South Korea, with parts of Asia and Europe to follow. For more photos, hit the link below to LG’s press release.


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