New Samsung Galaxy S8 report details the camera including 1000fps ultra slow-motion video recording

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is set to be unveiled at the end of the month and we have seen numerous image, video and specifications leaks of the new smartphone and its larger sibling, the Galaxy S8+. Today’s story has revealed that the Galaxy S8 will include an ultra slow-motion video recording function that operates at up to 1000fps.

If this rumor is true, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will not be the first device to include an ultra slow-motion function as the Sony Xperia ZX Premium includes the ability to capture 720p video at 960fps, but Samsung is using different hardware perhaps to achieve similar results.

The technical difficulty in recording ultra slow-motion video is that the chipset converting captured images into a data file has to process an extraordinary amount of information. Sony’s technique for the Xperia ZX Premium is to incorporate a DRAM (or memory chip) into the camera, used to store captured images before they are processed by the chipset. Samsung is expected to use a similar technology but with different components. The Galaxy S8 is said to include a 12MP rear camera compared with the Sony Xperia ZX Premium’s 19MP main camera. Presumably, the engineers had to build their own version of the ultra slow-motion capturing technology.

Away from the main camera, the Galaxy S8 is also said to include two front-facing cameras. One will be an 8MP front facing camera, which that will incorporate auto-focusing. This unit is designed for selfies but is also likely to be used by the rumored facial recognition software. The second camera is the iris scanning unit, reckoned to be of 3.7MP resolution. These two cameras are likely to work in conjunction with one another to quickly unlock the device when the authorized user is present. As well as iris and facial recognition, Samsung is expected to include a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner into the Galaxy S8 design.

SOURCE [SamMobile]

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