OnePlus 5T sales are discontinued in North America

The OnePlus 5T was one of the best phones 2017 saw, but moving forward, consumers won’t be able to purchase it in North America. The product listing on the company’s website here now shows “Out of Stock,” and according to sources, it won’t be coming back.

According to Engadget, who reported on behalf of OnePlus late last week, the OnePlus 5T is as good as gone in the US but will remain up for sale in other regions at least for now. Demand was reportedly through the roof for the device, which does not surprise us given the bang for your buck the device offered. This has and always will be OnePlus’ pricing strategy.

With a new and improved OnePlus 6 on the horizon, I guess it would take OnePlus too long to fulfill orders for the OnePlus 5T and be taking production resources away from the rumored new phone. OnePlus’ strategy of late has been to go all-in in its efforts on a single device, so this move makes some sense as the company begins planning its 2018 replacement to compete with modern rivals. The news itself is just strange. It’s like a company putting a halt to sales because too many people have demand. Anyhow, if this were to happen and it did, it’d be for OnePlus considering the company’s history of invite-systems, and limited supply and availability of smartphones.

What worries us is the fact OnePlus releases a new model once every six months, a strategy that has ended up poor for others in the past. Hopefully, buyers of the near 4-month old device don’t lose support right away just because a new flagship phone is coming. OnePlus has as positive track record when it comes to updating its phones unlike a handful of others, but with a successor coming out once every six or so months, the job gets tougher. If OnePlus were to drop support for older models, it would lose the respect and loyalty from many customers.

For the time being, OnePlus has no phones up for sale in the US. The option is to buy off eBay or some other retailer and import the phone. However, that could change as soon as May or June. We’ll keep an eye out for leaks as anticipation for the next flagship killer begins to heat up.

SOURCE [Engadget]

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