OnePlus confirms update release schedule for five models

OnePlus is racking up big sales figures for itself following a successful OnePlus 6 release in many countries. The flagship killer is selling in more units than the prior model, and the company is absolutely killing it. OnePlus hasn’t forgotten about owners of previous flagship iterations either, which make up some of its user base.

This week, OnePlus confirmed a software update release schedule for its five newest smartphone models: OnePlus 6, OnePlus 5T, OnePlus 5, OnePlus 3T, and OnePlus 3. The oldest of these devices is the OnePlus 3, but even it is only 2 years old. That’s because OnePlus is one of few OEMs that releases a new flagship every six months while terminating sales of the one that came before it. This hasn’t been a successful strategy for others, but OnePlus has made it work and is even providing updates to the older devices that really aren’t that old.

When consumers go out and buy an Android device, they expect it to receive updates. OnePlus is among the best when it comes to updating its smartphones, and the company is seeking to strengthen its reputation. OnePlus is also one of few companies to jump on the Android P preview program, now offered for non-Google phones.

All five OnePlus smartphones mentioned above will receive a full 2 years worth of “regular software maintenance” updates and one additional year of “software security maintenance” updates.“Regular software maintenance” releases are updates that will include features such as Android platform updates and/or Oxygen OS upgrades. “Software security maintenance” updates are your typical security patch updates. All the devices will receive a security update every two months soon after Google outs the patch files. If you own a OnePlus 3, OnePlus alluded to November marking the end for system updates with patches ending in November of 2019. Looking ahead, things could change if OnePlus starts to offer phones on US carriers rather than only unlocked given what gets in the way of rolling out updates.

Manufacturers who have released schedules in the past have had a hard time staying on track, so we hope OnePlus lives up to the strong commitments they’re making. We’ll keep you posted week-to-week once the devices receive over-the-air updates as well as any important beta updates. If your OnePlus device was not mentioned in this post, you’ve run out of support. Let us know in the comments if you think the update schedule is fair and if the competition should be worried about what OnePlus has been able to do for a phone of such low cost. Track all the software updates in our Droid Updates Weekly Series or subscribe to our email newsletter. [Subscribe here]

SOURCE [OnePlus Forums]

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