OnePlus expected to rename Dash Charge because of trademark

OnePlus calls its version of fast charging “Dash Charge” and has done so ever since the company first introduced the concept with the OnePlus 3 smartphone. Dash Charge allows the OnePlus 3 and devices that have followed to charge a battery in a fraction of the time. Other Android OEMs have adopted similar technology, but Dash Charge is one of the quickest and most efficient methods.

While it’s unclear why OnePlus took its own route with fast charging in the first place, keen-eyed viewers of the recent OnePlus 6 announcement noticed that Dash Charge wasn’t at all mentioned. Now we know why.

According to a trusted source, there’s an important reason behind this. OnePlus is moving away from the Dash Charge branding because of a trademark concern. The charging term that was known by many is now being replaced with ‘charging rapidly.’ This name is not as unique, and first appeared in the latest Oxygen OS Open Beta on select OnePlus devices. Despite the name change, the physical charging will go completely unaffected.

OnePlus issued a statement explaining to Android Police that it filed for a trademark in the US and EU in 2016 when OnePlus 3 released, but the EU just recently rejected it. It seems that two companies had issues with the trademark, these being Bragi and Amazon. The latter has a trademark for the ‘Dash Replenishment’ service, an API for connected devices to order items from Amazon automatically, which clearly overlaps with the OnePlus naming scheme.

While this doesn’t stop OnePlus from using the term ‘Dash’ in its charging implementation, it had the company worried enough since it would not be awarded the trademark on Dash Charge in the EU after many years of using it. The prompt removal of the term across the company’s Oxygen OS software and website means the company will no doubt transition away from it and use the new term for its fast charging technology instead. This was probably a smart move, and the process will continue as updates roll out for the new version of Oxygen OS.

SOURCE [Android Police]