OnePlus releases first open beta build of Android Oreo for the OnePlus 5

Chinese manufacturer, OnePlus, has announced that it has started the Open Beta Program for the OnePlus 5.

The first open beta build of OxygenOS is now available from the source link near the bottom of this post, but customers should remember that the software is still in beta. This means there could be software bugs, missing, or inoperable features. Furthermore, once a device is using an open beta software build, it will no longer receive stable over-the-air updates – only open beta builds. Once a device has been flashed with an open beta build of OxygenOS, it may be reverted or rolled back to a previous software version, but this process does wipe all data from the handset.

The change-log for the OnePlus 5 includes the as-expected software differences, given that the software is based around Android 8.0 Oreo (patched to October 2017) rather than Android 7.1.1 Nougat. OnePlus has included the picture-in-picture, auto-fill and smart text selection features. The quick settings section of the handset has also been redesigned and the OnePlus launcher now includes support for Android Oreo’s notification dots as well as a new folder design for apps. OnePlus has also implemented ‘Parallel Apps,’ which is a means of having separate instances of one application, designed to help customers with multiple logins for a particular service. This feature is useful for customers managing a work and personal account for social media, for example. Also, OnePlus has implemented a direct upload feature to the ‘Shot on OnePlus’ service.

OnePlus’ post in the user forums reminds customers that this is a major platform update, and that the company would appreciate feedback. There are links to surveys, plus a bug reporting link available on the forum page for customers to complete. One missing feature, which is sure to attract plenty of attention, is that the OnePlus 5 does not include the face unlock technology as included with the OnePlus 5T. There had been rumors that OnePlus would include the high performance face unlock feature with the Android Oreo-based versions of OxygenOS, but to date the company has denied these claims.

If you are rocking the OnePlus 5 and have been eagerly awaiting the release of Android Oreo for your device, are you planning on updating to the open beta? Or, are you planning on sticking with the current Android Nougat-based version to be safe? Let us know in the comments below.

SOURCE [OnePlus Forums]

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