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General News

LG K30 is next in line for Amazon’s Prime Exclusive discount

May 22, 2018 Doug Demagistris

After receiving word that buyers of Amazon Prime Exclusive phones would be refunded $20 in Amazon credit, the retailer has added a new phone to its wide selection of Prime Exclusive devices. The new device is from LG and is available at a discounted price just like others on the program.

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Some users are able to set Amazon Alexa as the default digital assistant on Android

May 7, 2018 Doug Demagistris

We talk about the Google Assistant a lot because it’s essentially baked into our Android smartphones. But what if you could set Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant to open by default? Some smartphones owners, who have reported on Reddit, have been able to do just that.

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The annual Amazon Prime subscription fee will hike to $119 from May 11

April 30, 2018 Doug Demagistris

Are you an Amazon Prime subscriber or looking to become one? I feel like almost everyone is nowadays. If you are, you might want to pay attention to this. According to sources, Amazon will raise the yearly price of an Amazon Prime subscription by $20 up to $119. This would be the second time in four years Amazon has increased the price for Prime.


Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition makes its debut

April 26, 2018 Doug Demagistris

Amazon has had a few Echo speaker offerings on the market for some time. The cheapest in the lineup of smart devices is Amazon Echo Dot. While Amazon isn’t yet ready to release a next-gen model, there is now a new variation of the popular Echo Dot. Meet¬†Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition.

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Amazon introduces Key In-Car delivery

April 24, 2018 Doug Demagistris

Amazon continues to look for new and convenient ways to get your packages delivered safely and on time. In 2017, the retail giant introduced an innovative but somewhat risky in-home delivery service. Today, Amazon is taking home delivery to your vehicle with Key In-Car delivery.


Deal: Essential PH-1 drops to $399 on Amazon

April 16, 2018 Doug Demagistris

Essential has run quite a few deals in the past on its first-gen Essential Phone, and the latest price reduction brings the phone to $399 unlocked. This ties for an all-time low and is down a whole $100 bill from the standard $499 price tag.

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