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Android Auto comes to Android phones, no longer requires a compatible car

November 8, 2016 Droid Turf

Android Auto launched two years ago or so with the intention of integrating Google’s phone, navigation and music services, with automobiles. Over the past few months Google has been steadily rolling out Android Auto support for several car models from various manufacturers. The only downside was that you required a relatively new and compatible car or else you had to purchase a fairly expensive interface unit to use the service. Now, Google has just introduced the latest update which lets you [Read More]

Droid Updates

Droid Updates Weekly: Which Android devices received updates this week?

September 11, 2016 Doug Demagistris

It’s 2016, our guess is that most of you have a smartphone. Being smartphone owners ourselves, we’re always interested in knowing when a smartphone gets updated. Wouldn’t it be convenient to have this all in one place? That’s why we created our ‘Droid Updates’ Weekly Series.

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Sailfish and Marlin may introduce a replacement name for ‘Nexus’ according to latest rumor

August 31, 2016 Droid Turf

It has been nearly a year since the initial release of the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P. And with that said, everyone is eagerly anticipating more details about the 2016 line of Google devices code-named ‘Sailfish’ and ‘Marlin.’ Although online leaks showed that the HTC-built phones would be part of the legacy ‘Nexus’ line of devices, industry sources have revealed that Google will sell these handsets under a completely different brand name.

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First images showing the Nexus codenamed ‘Sailfish’ leak (UPDATE: Another leaked image exposes the handset)

August 16, 2016 Doug Demagistris

We knew this day would come eventually. Judging from previous reports, we knew it had to be soon. Over the weekend, we caught our first glance of the smaller HTC-built Nexus codenamed ‘Sailfish.’ The leak showcases the device from nearly all angles. Now it’s just a conversation of whether they are real, or fake.

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