Play PC games on an external display using Steam Link

For the longest time, gamers dreamed of cross-platform compatibility for PC titles. Such an ability would allow PC games to be played on various consoles including our mobile devices. In a move that will delight gamers everywhere, Valve has announced Steam Link as its solution.

Steam Link allows games that would typically be played on a desktop or laptop to be streamed to an external display. This will be helpful in the situation where your PC might be in an upstairs office and you want to play from your library accessible downstairs. Valve has made this possible with an application now available in beta for Android and iOS by allowing gamers to stream games from their Steam library over an internet connection. This may just be the best solution yet for PC gamers who use Steam, though our hands-on experience has been mixed.

To get started, download the Steam Link app from Google’s Play Store. Pair a Steam controller or compatible Bluetooth controller to your device and make sure both are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Valve has said that having a 5GHz wireless network will result in the best performance. However, gamers can also pair their PC over a wired ethernet connection to enjoy a good experience.

The Steam Link app is also being made available for Android TV customers so they can take advantage of the living room display. The same conditions mentioned above will maximize the experience while gaming by reducing lag.

Hit the download link in brackets below to get the Android version of the app. Leave us a comment shall you need further assistance in getting everything set up correctly. Once the new app leaves beta, we’ll be the first to let you know so stay tuned.

[Download Link – Steam Link]