Possible third Galaxy S10 model could have triple rear camera combo

It’s still early for Galaxy S10 rumors since we are yet to even receive Samsung’s next-gen Galaxy Note for the second half of 2018. However, a report has come in regarding a more than likely change coming with the next Galaxy S flagship.

While nothing is for sure until Samsung says so, CNET is confident in its predication that a Galaxy S9 successor will sport three rear cameras. We’ve seen one or two devices already make use of a triple rear camera combo, though I’m not exactly convinced of the benefits. Samsung, please change my mind with something cool.

CNET claims there will be three Galaxy S10 variants unlike past iterations of the flagship that have come in two sizes. Three is a crowd, and three cameras on one side sounds like overkill. However, if Samsung can improve performance more than it did on the Galaxy S9 by adding another lens, I guess it can be justified. But Google still does it better with just one lens on Pixel 2, which makes me curious. Perhaps three rear cameras will be a trend in 2019 along with dual selfie cameras. This would make a whopping five cameras in total.

According to CNET, the three models are being referred to as Beyond 0, Beyond 1, and Beyond 2. One could have a single camera, one a dual camera and the other the triple rear camera. Beyond 2 will have the triple cameras and might bring a larger display. This would follow suite with Apple, who released three flagship grade options in 2017 for consumers to pick from. It’s also rumored that this third variant will have a beneath display fingerprint scanner, which would make for more space on back for the extra camera sensor.

As of right now, we know nothing further. If earlier reports are correct, the Galaxy S10 models will bring a lot of change whereas the Galaxy Note 9 will be more of what we’re used to since Samsung is in no rush to be first. There’s also the Galaxy X rumored for release in March, which may after all be one of the three ‘Beyond’ Galaxy S10 devices. Perhaps Samsung will do something similar to iPhone X for the release of Beyond 2, which could be a foldable device with three rear cameras. Who knows?

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