Privacy is not a concern in Gmail, Google says

Google found itself in hot water with complaints from the public over privacy concerns about Gmail, the company’s popular email client. The search giant has responded on its blog as things were getting out of hand.

Every since Facebook was accused of violating privacy rules, tech giants who learn from their customers such as Google have been under close watch. Privacy will always be a concern as we embark in a mobile world, and consumers forced Google into a corner about treatment of user email in Gmail. Many are concerned that employees are accessing user messages. Earlier this week, the search giant spoke up about the different cases in which they might read emails or record when and how people access their emails.

To prevent access to email content by employees and the use of third-party software to hijack user email, Google uses scanners primarily to alert of phishing and malicious viruses. As far as advertising goes, Gmail won’t advertise products based on the content of emails, but rather on browser and app history. In other words, the ads still use our data but we can have peace of mind that our emails are not being read daily nor being used for targeting toward us.

Outsiders may only read user email shall it be requested by that user, or, because of a security threat such as a serious bug. These are broad terms, but Google reminds everyone that control over privacy and ad preferences lies in our own hands and can always be manually adjusted. In the case of an emergency, though, I’d be nice to see Google first notify the user before diving into their email account.

The final concern deals with third-party access to user Gmail accounts. Users can opt into this when giving app permissions on their devices, but reserve the right to remove access at any time. Google sometimes warns users when not to grant permission, but is unable to detect all potentially harmful apps and services that use user data for self gain. Google will continue to improve its background checks to ensure that personal information is always safe. Leave any of your own thoughts on this in the comments.

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