Qualcomm readies new chipset for smartwatches

Qualcomm Senior Director of Wearables spoke with tech blog Wearable, confirming a new Snapdragon processor for smartwatches. The most recent chipset by the company is the Snapdragon 2100 which debuted a mere two years ago and continues to find its way in Wear OS smartwatches. Google is revamping Wear OS this year and Qualcomm will contribute to the effort with a new processor coming this fall to be used in future smartwatches.

Qualcomm says its new processor for wearables is being built from the “ground up.” That’s just about all the information we have about the processor itself, but here’s why it’s important.

Qualcomm is the lead provider for not only Android smartphone chipsets, but Android smartwatches as well. The Snapdragon 2100 served well for its time, being small, conceivable and fast enough to power any Android Wear (it was called at the time) smartwatch with ease. Now, it’s kind of outdated, and Wear OS has undergone improvements that might require a bit more power at the helm. We’re expect to see multiple Wear OS smartwatches later this year including a Pixel smartwatch from Google, new Huawei Watch from Huawei, and a hybrid LG Watch Timepiece from LG. While the Huawei Watch is not expected to carry the new processor, the others that hold out until later in the year might be the first.

Wear OS smartwatches are not of plentiful right now, but a new processor could influence many who used to be the market to come out with a successor. Software is only as good as the hardware it runs, and a new processor said to bring new capabilities to the Wear OS space could get Android OEMs back on board and hype the platform for one last attempt at a comeback. Qualcomm director said Google’s “platform will significantly change the Wear OS ecosystem, and what you expect from a smartwatch.” Something is telling me that Pixel Watch will be all its hyped up to be and among the first with this new chip and the upcoming Android P version of Wear OS. There’s still a lot of time between now and the fall, so I’m sure we’ll hear more on the various Wear OS efforts as we move along.

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SOURCE [Wearable]

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