Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 brings improved AI and better imaging performance

Last week, mobile chip manufacturer Qualcomm unveiled their latest and greatest processor that is set to power up next year’s Android flagship phones: the Snapdragon 845. Now, we have more information on its specifics.

While the chip retains its predecessor’s 10nm footprint, it comes with a host of critical upgrades that will surely improve the way our smartphones work next year. Of these features, Qualcomm zeroed in on AI and imaging improvements.

Are you a budding video film maker? Or maybe you just want to take your Instagram posts to drool-worthy levels? Yup, Qualcomm has got you covered. Score a phone sporting the Snapdragon 845 next year and you’ll see your snaps and video creations look a whole lot better thanks to new enhancements that aim to bring cinema-level quality videos as well as improved photo-capture enhancements. Qualcomm achieved this with the use of their latest Spectra 280 image signal processor (ISP) and Adreno 630 graphics chip.

What does this mean? For photos, the new chip brings improved color volume which should result in more accurate images. This is because the chip can recognize a wider spectrum of colors and handle increased levels of brightness. Qualcomm also made advancements to capturing images in low-light situations through faster auto-focus, better image stabilization, and noise reduction. For videos, Qualcomm says their new chip allows for Ultra HD video recording, and HD recording with 480-fps slow motion video.

Virtual and augmented reality are fast-developing technologies and that is why Qualcomm made sure that its chip leads the market in these areas. Snapdragon 845 is the first chip to support 6 degrees of freedom — which simply means better and more realistic XR (mix-reality) experience for the masses. This is all while consuming significantly less power thanks to Qualcomm’s ‘Adreno foveation’ tech.

Qualcomm also introduced the third generation of their AI technology in this chip. It’s your virtual assistant on steroids. From capturing videos, shooting stills, voice assistance, always-on keyword detection and correction — these are some of the benefits of the beefed-up AI from Qualcomm.

Expect the Snapdragon 845 to be utilized and offered to the masses through the latest mobile gadgets in the first half of 2018 beginning with Galaxy S9 and LG G7.

SOURCE [Qualcomm]

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