Reported ‘Galaxy Watch’ could run on Wear OS

We first heard about the possibility of a Wear OS smartwatch made by Samsung a few months ago. Shortly after we passed along the report, the rumor was shut down by tipsters. However, the once rumor has come back into full circle after a trusted leaker reported that the watch is real and could launch later this year after all.

Wear OS recently transitioned names from Android Wear and received a beta update. With these changes, help from Qualcomm, and an upcoming Android P platform update, there is some hope for a better 2018. In addition to Samsung, Google seems to have partnered with LG and Huawei, each of who may launch early Wear OS smartwatches with the upcoming update. This could get sales going again, though it’s surprising to hear that Samsung would even consider such a move since the company has been successful on its own with Gear devices. It’s very unlike the Samsung we know, and a move like this could even prove costly if it cannibalizes Samsung’s Gear sales.

Samsung is expected to release an upgrade or upgrade(s) to the Gear S3 at either Unpacked 18 alongside Galaxy Note 9 on August 9 or IFA 2018 alongside other gadgets. With many conflicting reports, we have no idea what we’re actually going to get, but the latest word ramps up anticipation for something most won’t expect. Ice Universe claims Samsung will make a return to Google’s struggling Wear OS platform after selling Tizen-powered Gear wearables for years.

The watch could come with advanced features such as the ability to measure blood pressure. It may also come with a round display, 470mAh battery, slim design, new PLP (panel level package) chip, and new UI features. Google also has a Wear OS watch on the cards rumored as ‘Pixel Watch‘ and with help from Samsung who has a good reputation for its own watches, Wear OS could get a much-needed boost enough to get other Android OEMs back in the game. Keep in mind though that neither the Pixel Watch or rumored Samsung watch are confirmed.

Google no doubt could use help from Samsung, who has a major stake in Android. Word is that Samsung’s upcoming watch will be re-branded to ‘Galaxy Watch’ in order to capitalize on the dominant Galaxy brand. Since Galaxy devices are associated with Android, Samsung could end up keeping Gear for Tizen devices and launch a separate version as the official Gear S3 successor in Gear S4. We also don’t know if Samsung plans to move forward with only Wear OS or use both platforms. Clearly, lots of questions are up in the air and only time will reveal the truth.

Do you want to see Samsung make a return to Wear OS with a first-ever Galaxy smartwatch? Let us know in the comments if you’d be interested in buying such a smartwatch.

SOURCE [Ice Universe on Twitter]

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