Samsung and Disney bring new AR emoji to the Galaxy S9 smartphones

With the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ earlier this year, Samsung introduced AR Emoji. We were a fan when we first saw the feature debut despite it being a copycat of Apple’s animated emoji, but owners of the device have found these to be silly and kind of useless. To spice up the experience, Samsung has partnered with Disney to launch AR Emoji based on an upcoming movie.

While many are happy with their Galaxy S9 smartphone, Samsung’s AR Emoji have not been the difference maker. Despite what some consumers think of AR Emoji, it seems that Samsung is sticking with them. The selection isn’t the largest, but it’s growing today with characters from The Incredibles. A new Incredibles movie is set to release soon, so people interested in the film with Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone will get to enjoy and have every bit of fun with these. They’ll give you that nostalgic feeling of when you were younger by bringing the characters back to life.

The new AR Emoji are rolling out today on the Galaxy S9 models. To get them, access the Galaxy Apps Store on your phone and install the new Incredibles AR Emoji pack. You can also get to them through your device’s camera app by going to the AR Emoji mode. Once you download the emoji, they’ll be there for you to use anytime, anywhere. They’re free to use and allow you to personalize messages using AR (augmented reality), morphing your movements and self-expression with the movie characters. You’ll get some interesting responses from friends, I’m sure of that!

We don’t know if Samsung will bring AR Emoji to new devices, though I’d say the possibility is likely. For fans of the feature, Samsung will continue to expand its selection of AR Emoji with new options it thinks are fun.

SOURCE [Samsung]

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