Samsung Galaxy S9: A Roundup of what we know thus far

This year’s Samsung Unpacked event is scheduled to happen on Sunday, February 25. This is one day ahead of MWC 2018, which is a week-long event in Barcelona, Spain. The South Korean company confirmed that it will unveil Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ beginning at 12:00pm EST. Samsung must appeal to MWC’s larger crowd, so we’re expecting something a little extra special at this year’s event.

With little time left on the clock, Samsung fans all over the world are eager to see the first 2018 flagship smartphone be unveiled and get their hands on “The Next Big Thing.” The introduction of Samsung’s latest piece of high-end hardware comes earlier this year to get ahead of the competition, with an earlier than expected release date. Despite this, some fans were disappointed that the company decided to skip CES 2018 for an event at MWC 2018 instead. This is uncharacteristic of Samsung, who typically holds private launch events for announcements of this caliber. Still, there has been plenty of rumors floating around, and they have had everyone excited for the upcoming smartphones.

Since the first official teaser for the Unpacked 2018 event dropped that said “The Camera, Reimagined,” the anticipation has been through the roof for the new Galaxy smartphones. We’re expecting flagship specifications, a modern design, new and improved camera tech, and more. Boasting the details of their new ISOCELL camera on their blog, Samsung is clearly focused on making the optics of the Galaxy S9 a stand-out feature. Unlike in the past, however, the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ may differ in a few key areas such as camera and RAM. But both models will feature a near-identical dual edge design, similar to last year’s Galaxy S8 models. We’re expecting a bevy of different color options in addition to several storage capacities starting at 64GB. There have also been reports of software upgrades part of Experience 9.0 such as better security and image processing, 3D facial recognition, and Bixby 2.0. Very soon, we’ll be able to make sense of all the leaks, reports and rumors from recent months. Of course, we’ll be expecting a few surprises as well. DeX Pad could be the official successor of the DeX Station to enable desktop mode for Samsung’s newest models.

Droid Turf will be there to bring you all the news once everything is revealed. The date is closely approaching, so now would be a good time to catch up on all the latest news. Unless of course you like surprises! Below is an outline containing all our reported stories. Click or tap each headline to be redirected to its article page where you’ll find the full topic.

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