Samsung had loads of wearables to show at last week’s Baselworld conference in Switzerland

Anxious to find out whether smartwatches are in indeed the “next big thing,” Samsung has begun to mix things up when it comes to the wearable space. Last week at the Baselworld conference, the South Korean tech giant had loads to share including new Gear S3 smartwatch models in addition to concept pocket watches and a new value pack.

Smartwatches haven’t exactly taken off, mostly due in part by the general consensus that they’re not worth having in our lives. We’re yet to see something a smartwatch can do that a smartphone can’t, and Samsung has been thinking a lot about the market segment and what’s left to make of it.

Samsung has always been the early adopter of yet-to-polished technologies and is constantly pushing its competitors to innovate. They’re always looking for that “next big thing,” and they may now be on to it.

During the near week-long Baselworld event that happens yearly in the country of Switzerland, Samsung demoed a “hybrid pocket concept watch” that combines the Gear S3. With these, users would be getting the full smartwatch experience just in another form factor, that of a pocket watch with a full lid cover as opposed to a watch that fits on one’s wrist. The Samsung pocket watch concepts are an interesting idea, using mechanical rotation to serve a variety of functions. There’s nothing to rave about here, but it’s definitely neat to see where Samsung may be headed next, shall the market for smart wrist watches not go off as expected.

Samsung also disclosed two more standard Gear S3 concept models at the event, designed in collaboration with Swiss. They look sort of cool, and show what’s possible with a smartwatch, but since they aren’t actually real, it’s hard to look forward to anything special. Samsung did however later announce that a LTE Gear S3 Classic is to soon become available, and be sold, in real life. The variants will soon become available through U.S. carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile.

The tech giant also announced a “Value Pack” update for both its Gear S2 and Gear S3 smartwatch models. This is rolling out now and brings along apps such as Spotify, Nest and others, as well as a handful of sensor and system improvements.

So what’s next for Samsung? Perhaps we’ll find out tomorrow.

SOURCE [Samsung]

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