Samsung is targeting 2018 to begin production of their foldable smartphone

Last year, we reported that Samsung had confirmed a foldable device (Galaxy X) for 2018. CEO, D.J. Koh, confirmed this and per his announcement, Samsung is looking to begin production in 2018. While promising, we do have to consider this next step in screen technology as a big leap for the tech world overall which means we should not be hard on Samsung should the company take its time in perfecting the bendable device.

The latest word is that Samsung is currently working on the design of the foldable smartphone, and will start making foldable OLED panels in September of this year.

The company recently released its Q4 2017 earnings report and it projects OLED to become a mainstream panel in the smartphone market this year. Samsung expects the technology to branch out to even automotive and IT industries, which will surely help in generating revenue. In its report, the company also reinforced their stand in focusing on foldable smartphones by saying it will “continue its efforts to differentiate smartphones by adopting cutting edge technologies, such as foldable OLED displays.” We look forward to the possibility.

While Samsung is well-known for its smartphone and consumer devices, the company’s fourth quarter earnings were driven by the component business, with the biggest revenue coming in from their Memory (DRAM and NAND) products. For a more in-depth look at Samsung’s Q4 2017 results, check the below chart or follow the source link.

SOURCE [Samsung]
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