Samsung might cheer us up with the Galaxy S9

As we were putting the wraps on last week, some Galaxy S9 renders followed by a video began to go viral. The leaked renders and leaked video, which show us the alleged device from every angle, are sure to cheer up those of you who despise the fingerprint scanner placement on Galaxy Note 8.

We’re beginning to get bombarded with Galaxy S9 leaks, right on schedule. The Korean tech giant is expected to unveil its latest flagship smartphone in February or March, with perhaps a preview coming as early as January at CES 2018. Therefore, it makes sense now that the flagship is being finalized, for leaks to show up and rumors to fly. This latest one, reveals what could be the exterior design of at least one of Samsung’s newest arrivals.

Even though it may seem like we just got the Galaxy Note 8, the Galaxy S9 is right around the corner. The renders in this post are unofficial, so do take them with a grain of salt as things can still change. However, we see one visualization of what could, just maybe, be the official hardware design of the upcoming smartphone, and there’s reason to be excited.

These leaks make the case that Samsung will relocate the fingerprint scanner to a centered position with Galaxy S9. This would make many happy, especially those who debated on buying Galaxy S8 or Galaxy Note 8 because of the scanner that was moved from the device’s front, onto the rear in an awkward off to the side position along the camera.

There is still hope for a beneath the display fingerprint scanner, but odds are the reader will still be a work in progress when Galaxy S9 hits the belt. Hopes are still up for the Galaxy Note 9, though, as being the first to have it. So given the circumstance, it would be nice if Samsung at least redesigns the rear of Galaxy S9 to make its scanner more accessible. And in these renders, we see just that, but at the sacrifice of the dual camera lens combo which could mean a downgrade in photo quality unless knowledge is taken from Google’s Pixel 2 team. There’s also the chance a Galaxy S9+ will have the dual lens, with Galaxy S9 not sporting one. Whatever happens, let’s hope we get one, because it was rumored that Samsung might ditch the fingerprint reader entirely in favor of only iris or facial recognition.

In terms of specifications, we’re looking at an 18:9 Infinity Display from Samsung, a USB Type-C charging port at the bottom alongside a speaker and 3.55mm headphone jack. A lot is still up in the air, and it’ll be interesting to see the direction everything goes in from here on out. If Samsung follows through with this, we may just be looking at the perfect phone to start of 2018.

SOURCE [91 Mobiles]
VIA [OnLeaks on Twitter]

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