Samsung resurrects the Galaxy Note 7, but this time as a refurbished device to be available in select regions

The Galaxy Note 7 is a device that has lived in infamy for the last few months, a product that had all the promise of success but was plagued with claims of explosions and faulty batteries. Samsung recalled the Galaxy Note 7 not once but twice, and decided after the second recall to pull the phone from the market altogether.

Carriers started issuing emails and text messages to encourage customers to return the Galaxy Note 7 in exchange for another high-end smartphone of their choice, and Samsung started issuing refunds for the monthly installment customers had paid on the smartphone. U.S. airlines even went as far to ban the Galaxy Note 7 from all flights, rendering the device useless for travel.

Many consumers gave up on the phone once the second recall took place. However, others remained loyal to the brand, holding onto theirs until Samsung sent a series of updates to disable functions such as battery life and cellular data in order to motivate them to return the recalled device. As of early January, most carriers in the US had disabled their Galaxy Note 7 units, Verizon being one of the last holdouts due to the December 25th Christmas holiday in which it didn’t want customers to be without their smartphones. Samsung showcased its commitment to greater safety testing measures during its MWC 2017 announcement, in which it displayed a video showing the rigorous testing its smartphones go through to demonstrate their safety.

In a surprise turn of events, though there was a rumor, Samsung still isn’t done with the Galaxy Note 7. The Korean giant took to its blog yesterday to announce the resurrection of the Galaxy Note 7 and its nature. Samsung looks to recycle the Galaxy Note 7 in an “environmentally friendly way” by allowing salvageable components such as camera modules, precious metals, and semiconductors to be used for testing purposes. This will prevent the device from being tossed into a landfill to pollute the environment. Samsung has a long-standing commitment to environmental-friendliness, seeing that it has always shipped its smartphones in soy ink boxes.

Samsung’s move backtracks on its earlier claim at the time of the second recall that it had no plans to resurrect the infamous smartphone for the world market, stating in its own post that “regarding the Galaxy Note 7 devices as refurbished phones or rental phones, applicability is dependent upon consultations with regulatory authorities and carriers as well as due consideration of local demand.” Samsung did lose a lot of money on the Galaxy Note 7, though, and selling it as a refurbished model would help the company recoup some of its financial losses from last Fall. The resurrected Galaxy Note 7 makes sense in theory when you consider that Apple is now selling a 2017 iPhone 6 (32GB) in Asia.

Finally, in a move that is consistent with an earlier rumor that will have some die-hard Samsung fans excited, the company is allowing the rent and sale of the Galaxy Note 7 once more, though markets such as India and the United States will not see the device, confirmed The Verge.

Tomorrow, Samsung will go for further redemption at its own Unpacked 2017 event. Expected are the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ flagship smartphones, the first to be announced since the original Galaxy Note 7 debacle. Perhaps we’ll hear more about Samsung’s future Galaxy Note 7 plans here as well, though we wish Samsung would just get over it already.

As we wait, check out our full roundup of what to expect here.

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