Samsung reveals new accessories at Unpacked 2018

All roads lead to Barcelona, Spain, and Samsung finally unveiled its latest Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ smartphones today at Unpacked 2018. The new Galaxy S Series is finally here, and so are a handful of new Galaxy accessories to compliment.

We’ve been following the developments on Samsung’s latest smartphones for several months and it’s satisfying to know they’re finally official. After reporting on the phone itself, it’s time to roundup Samsung’s new lineup of accessories. Of course, all will work with the new phones, but some will even work with older Galaxy models if you decide not to upgrade. These accessories will allow you to get the most of your Samsung smartphone. So if you are considering the upgrade, you should consider these accessories. There’s a lot to discuss so without further ado, let’s dive in without wasting anymore time.

DeX Pad

The name ‘DeX’ should ring a bell, and that’s because Samsung debuted DeX Station with Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ last March. DeX Pad is the new DeX dock for 2018 and can turn your Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+ into a PC if you have an external monitor. Instead of placing your phone on an upward dock, DeX Pad allows you to lay down your Galaxy S9 phone so that you can use it as a trackpad. I don’t know how well this will work, but the concept is innovative and damn cool. Plus, the option to use a mouse is still here in case you don’t like the idea.

You’ll still have to plug in your phone; there’s no wireless charging connector here. If you’re unfamiliar with how DeX works, basically you connect the dock with your paired Galaxy S9 phone to a monitor of your own to extend the phone screen contents to the larger display. This is by way of a HDMI cable. ‘DeX’ is short for ‘Desktop Experience,’ and the primary goal is to extend the functionality of what you can do on your smartphone enough to replace your laptop. The phone also charges while plugged in and comes with advanced KNOX protection.

Price: N/A [See it here]


Samsung’s new big boys are bound to be fragile having been composed of glass and metal materials. If you want to keep your phone clean and reduce the risk of cracks or breakage, Samsung will sell some protective cases. One cover available for both Galaxy S9 models is the Clear View Standing Cover. Samsung offers similar cases to these for its Galaxy Note 8. They’re meant to be minimal so that buyers can still enjoy the look and feel of their high-end smartphone. This cover will allow you to stand up your phone to get a better visual experience. You can also place your display in landscape mode and stand it up on a flat surface such as a table, desktop or counter-top. It comes in three colors: Blue, Purple and Red.

If you’re looking for something a little more basic, Samsung’s Alcantara case or Silicone cover may better suite you. The Alcantara case has been designed for those who want more of a suede feeling to their device and want to keep some design viewable. The case is super durable being able to resist stain, scratches, and some water. There will be four colors of the Alcantara case: Black, Blue, Red, and Mint, and four different colors for the Silicone cover: Black, Gray, Mint, and Pink. Each will be available for both the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+.

If you’re in the market for something heavy-duty with added protection, that’s where Samsung’s Protective Standing Cover comes into play. The Protective Standing Cover is military-grade in its constitution, meaning that it can withstand bumps, drops and impacts of all kinds. It also has a kickstand that can prop up your device, but can be detached if you don’t want it. The Protective Standing Cover comes in two colors: Black and Silver.

Lastly are the new Hyperknit and LED View covers. Popularly used on some athletic shoe brands, Samsung incorporated a light yet durable fabric-like material for a brand new case that kind of reminds us of the HTC Dot View in that of Hyperknit. As for the LED View Cover, it is designed to give you access to the display without having to even open the case. Both of these cases allow access to all the ports, but with LED View, you can also see the time without having to open the case to see this information. The LED View Cover also supports a swipe gesture that will dismiss or answer a phone call. Hyperknit will come in choice of Gray or Red, and the LED View Cover in Black or Purple.

Pricing is still unknown for all the cases, as they’re not yet available for order. You can check them out at the source.

Fast Wireless Charger Convertible & Charger Stand

For Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+, Samsung is releasing a new fast wireless charger convertible and charger stand. The Charger Convertible is a convertible stand that allows device owners to charge their handset from any of several angles without having to dangle with cables. Best of all, charging is fast, especially for wireless, but it’s not yet full-blown wireless. If you set the convertible to the lowest setting, it will be flat as if it’s a wireless charging pad. It comes in choice of Black and Brown colors, which blend in well with some of Samsung’s Galaxy S9 color options. It can also blend into just about any environment quite nicely.

Samsung’s Charger Stand is pretty much the same thing except it’s not adjustable and comes in different colors. It’ll allow you to save a buck and comes Black and White.

Charger Convertible Price: N/A – Not Yet Available
Charger Stand Price: N/A – Not Yet Available

Battery Pack (EP-N5100)

Samsung will have a new battery pack for Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+, the EP-N5100. It stores 5,100mAh of juice for on the go and comes in Blue and White colors. The look isn’t anything special, albeit slimmer than most currently available.

Price: N/A – Not Yet Available

It’s pretty clear Samsung has thought up something for everyone. Keep in mind that every Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ also ships with free AKG earphones ($99 Value) in the box. Samsung’s Gear 360 camera and latest Gear VR headset with controller are compatible with the new Galaxy S9 phones, and have remained up for sale now at a reduced cost. The collection is designed to add style and functionality to what will be one of the most functional smartphones on the market by itself. That being said, now’s a good time to join the Galaxy ecosystem of products.

Feel free to let us know in the comments which, if any of the accessories will you be picking up, and check out some of our other Samsung Unpacked 2018 coverage in the slider below.


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