Samsung rumored to be preparing a Bixby-powered speaker

Samsung is betting big on its smart digital assistant technology, Bixby. The early 2017 flagship device family, the Samsung Galaxy S8, includes a hardware button for the Bixby assistant.

The company has announced ambitious plans to bring Bixby support to a suite of other smart connected products such as white goods. The Wall Street Journal has also now published an article stating that Samsung is preparing its own smart speaker system, much in the same way that Amazon and Google have released their equivalents, the Amazon Echo and Google Home. Other mainstream companies such as Apple and Microsoft are also preparing their own equivalents. It is going to become increasingly difficult for a company to release an innovative smart speaker that brings something new to the market.

Samsung Bixby is a digital smart assistant designed and built by Samsung. The software should ultimately be aware of circumstances and context, and humans are able to use natural language to communicate with it. Unfortunately, when the Samsung Galaxy S8 family was released, Bixby Voice – the means of communicating with Bixby using our voice rather than the keyboard – was not ready for the American language. Samsung has worked hard on their Bixby Voice technology since then and a pre-release of Bixby Voice is currently available, but it is not yet out for the wider customer base. This is a fundamental part of the technology and it needs to work well for Bixby to be a serious contender in the digital assistant arena.

Samsung’s rumored Bixby-powered speaker is reportedly being developed under the code-name ‘Vega,’ but at this juncture there is little else known about the product. We do not know what other features the company is set to include, the size, specifications, price, availability, or compatibility. From the report in the Wall Street Journal, Samsung has yet to decide upon these aspects of the Bixby Voice speaker. Samsung has a habit of including more features than the competition, sometimes it seems without due regard for the full utility of the features. It will be interesting to see when or indeed even if Samsung release a smart speaker based around Bixby: it seems likely, given the marketing and development efforts behind the technology.

SOURCE [Wall Street Journal

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