Samsung’s Bixby struggles with sentence construction

Reports from a trusted source suggest that Samsung’s AI personal assistant, Bixby, is having huge problems with grammar, syntax and generally with creating sentences. This problem has shifted the official launch of Bixby to late June at the earliest and this should probably affect the sales of the new Samsung Galaxy S8 models in the US. Despite the setback, Samsung strongly believes that Bixby is right on track.

This little itch which will see Samsung’s AI Assistant launch later than the initial May launch seem not to be slowing the progress rate of Samsung Galaxy S8 as sales have reportedly performed well.

Billions of devices globally already have active AI assistants and this figure is expected to rise further with time. This will not be the case if Samsung does not straighten its head and effectively fix the Bixby English situation. Projections show that the Google Assistant will be leading the park with 23% share of the market while Bixby will closely follow it with 15%. Although Samsung doesn’t sound perturbed with the Bixby grammar mishap, they desperately need to fix this situation so they can be at par with the high-end assistants like that from Google  and Amazon because this will give them a stronger bragging right in the market. If this current Bixby trend persists, it will definitely not be next to Google Assistant because Siri and Alexa are doing quite well; moreover nobody needs an assistant that cannot truly assist you.

SOURCE [Wall Street Journal]

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