Samsung’s Galaxy S8 could feature a nearly bezel-less display


Samsung has been the biggest name in Android for years. But with the recent Galaxy Note 7 crisis, the company is struggling to hold on to customers and has been offering a variety of incentives and promotions. Samsung has already begun efforts to make a comeback with the Galaxy S8.

Samsung is reportedly developing displays that are nearly bezel-less. Park Won-sang, a principal engineer at Samsung’s display division, spoke during a display exhibition in Seoul and stated, “Samsung Display would roll out a full-screen display whose display area ratio (a scale that measures space taken up by a display on the front part of a handset) reaches more than 90 percent next year.” Won-sang also revealed a concept image of a Galaxy S7 Edge with a full screen and no home button, stating that any sensors would be embedded beneath the screen. He noted that a bezel-less display would be well suited for the immersive experience of VR headsets such as Samsung’s Gear VR or Google’s Daydream View.

Samsung has not confirmed whether or not they will use a bezel-less display in the Galaxy S8. However, it seems to be the current trend in the industry and Samsung is working on the aforementioned displays. Therefore, it’s safe to assume the company would follow suit.

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SOURCE [The Investor]

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