Samsung’s Galaxy S9 flagship will skip CES for an unveiling during MWC

Samsung’s President of Mobile, DJ Koh, confirmed this week during a briefing at CES 2018 that its next flagship smartphone, the no longer rumored Samsung Galaxy S9, will be unveiled next month at MWC 2018.


Fans attending CES 2018 have been left with some disappointment after an initial report made the claim that Samsung’s latest Galaxy S smartphone would be unveiled during the week-long event in Las Vegas. But really, this should not come as a surprise since the Galaxy S-series of phones is typically showcased in February or March. In recent years, Samsung has held its own private Unpacked event for its larger phone launches, but the company will return to old times with the upcoming Galaxy S9 launch as it will be unveiled at MWC 2018 in Barcelona. This surprises us since many other companies will be there, and as of now we have no explanation as to why Samsung elected for this.

Now that we know when the Galaxy S9 will be unveiled, we have a better idea of when the company will start selling the model(s). Given the late February announcement, one should expect the Galaxy S9 to release globally some time in March, a bit earlier than years past. This is good news for folks who are anxious to get their hands on the latest Galaxy smartphone from Samsung. Let’s hope we get something new, because as of right now, it seems like the Galaxy S9 will only be a marginal upgrade over last year’s Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. It should be soon that leaks and rumors really begin to heat up, especially surrounding controversial features such as that fingerprint scanner. We can’t wait to find out what Samsung brings to the table.

It shouldn’t be long before we get an official teaser and an exact unveiling date to mark on our calendar. Will you be upgrading to Galaxy S9? Let us know in the comments section.

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