Screen protectors reveal upcoming Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL designs

Prior to today, we passed along just one report on the possibility of upcoming Pixel 3 smartphones. Now we have alleged images said to be of screen protectors designed for two upcoming Pixel 3 devices. Like last year, Google could release both a smaller and larger variant of its Pixel phone, and thanks to our first leak, we have an idea of what to expect as far as front panel design goes.

This year’s Pixel smartphone installments from Google will be third-generation models and could launch alongside new Pixel Buds and a Pixel Watch. Expected to debut with Android P this fall, Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL could be minor upgrades. As we see in the leaked image, the two devices borrow traits from last year’s Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, which had some drawbacks such as a bottom chin. But there are surprises as well.

Diving deeper, we see two front camera lenses on each device. This would be a first for Google on any of its smartphones and could improve camera quality significantly. Google made a big deal about its ability to retain a single rear lens on Pixel 2 while still producing excellent results, so it seems doubtful that the rear will follow suite. Also noted, both Pixel 3 devices look like they’ll retain front-facing speaker.

The smaller Pixel 3 features almost no change from its predecessor from what we can see and is rather disappointing. Just as disappointing is the Pixel 3 XL. We knew it was coming, and of course we’re talking about a notch. Unlike Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL has a large cut out at the top housing its two front cameras. This would put Google right on par with current Android competition. As hinted in Android P, the notch looks like it will come over to the Pixel line for the first time in 2018. But the sad part is, we’re not seeing a difference in screen real estate nor screen-to-body ratio because of the chin, which defeats the purpose. The notch could also be a positive sign depending on how you look at the situation. There’s a chance notch experiences could improve on other Android devices since Google will seemingly embrace the display technology.

Unlike the past, it appears the two variants will deviate more from one other, which could be a strategy for better sales. If design is different, there’s a good chance specs are different, which is an interesting shift in strategy being seen with smaller and larger variants of which Google might be next to gear toward. We don’t know who will manufacturer the phones or if Google will be doing so itself, nor do we know if the rumored third variant of Pixel (for emerging markets) will see the light of day around the same time. Lots of questions are yet to be answered, but one thing’s for sure and that is that more leaks are coming. Stay tuned and drop your thoughts in the comment section.

SOURCE [Slashleaks]

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