Smart Reply has started to appear in Android Messages for those without Project Fi

Google’s Smart Reply function has been around for some time in a bevy of apps and services. The feature Google originally brought to market is now becoming a norm in most messaging applications, but not everyone has had access to the feature. This week, it was first discovered by folks on Reddit that Smart Reply has started to appear in Google’s Android Messages app for those without Project Fi.

There’s nothing new about Smart Reply, but it’s going to more users. The functionally will allow those not on Project Fi to pick from computer generated quick replies for conversations in the Android Messages app. While the functionality is the same as that available in Google’s six-dozen messaging apps including Hangouts, Allo and others, Android Messages is the company’s primary application for sending SMS, and many more users will now get to enjoy Smart Reply benefits.

Previously, only those signed up with Google’s MVNO (Project Fi) were able to use Smart Reply in the Android Messages app. This was one of the advantages to using the search giant’s cellular service, which just recently got a lot better. The reasons why are rather complicated and difficult to explain so we won’t go into detail. A few of you have reached out to Droid Turf over the last couple of days to confirm that the feature is indeed becoming available, meaning it could be a slow roll out that is server-side so keep everything up to date to increase your odds. We can confirm that T-Mobile users are getting it, but cannot confirm others at this point in time. Perhaps a wider roll out of the update is on the way.

Smart Reply is an AI feature that gets better in its predictions by learning from your habits. We expect the functionality will improve and make way into more services going forward. Now we just need RCS support for all carriers and the rumored Chat service from Google to combine all these functions into a single app, which we thought we’d see last month. Sadly, Google’s next move might not be to come out with a unified service. Rather, Google will split the features up or bring features from current apps to newer ones.

Do you use Smart Reply? Are you looking for a new messaging app from Google or are you satisfied with what we have now? Let us know in the comments.

SOURCE [LinkofHyrule on Reddit]

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