SmartThings Link is now available for SHIELD TV

SmartThings Link has become available for SHIELD TV thanks to a new partnership between Samsung and NVIDIA. The small dongle will turn your SHIELD Android TV box into the family hub for controlling the home by integrating hundreds of ‘Works With SmartThings’ products available on the market.

This partnership has made SHIELD TV the very first of its kind capable of integrating with Samsung SmartThings devices, one of the largest collections of connected smart products on the market today. Doing so gives users control over monitoring and automating a wide range of devices around the home, and the Google Assistant empowers one to use just their voice to control SmartThings capabilities.

Routines are making way to the platform as well, and Samsung SmartThings devices are compatible. Meaning, a hot word of choice can be chosen, and when stated, will trigger a set of customizable actions such as turning off your SmartThings light bulb when you say “Goodnight” aloud. Users can also pick a time of day that the lights, for example, should be turned on, and a separate time for them to be turned off. All can be customized from within the SmartThings Home mobile application. It’s automation as you dreamed it to be.

The SmartThings Link dongle looks like a flash drive, and is now up for purchase at $39. SHIELD Rewards members will receive two email offers: SmartThings Link (standalone) for just $14, or SmartThings Link with a Motion Sensor and two Sengled Element Classic LED Bulbs for $49. Both offerings are being sold at the SmartThings Store linked below, and will be available starting October 29 in Best Buy stores and from other retail websites.

If you don’t already have a SHIELD TV, you’ll be able to buy one bundled with Samsung’s SmartThings Link accessory for just $214. Both company’s will benefit from your purchase. This is a solid offer in our opinion if you’re looking to get invested a bit more in the smart home.

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