[Sponsored] Here’s Why You May Need a New Mattress

Did you know the quality of sleep you get can make or break your overall health? The quality of one’s sleep is in fact highly dependent on the quality and state of your mattress. Although you may have never realized this before, your mattress may be affecting your health in more than one way. Keep reading to learn how.

Decreasing Your Stress Levels

Did you know sleeping on a new mattress has been consistently linked to lower stress levels? It has been discovered that sleeping on a very old mattress doesn’t seem to help at all with human stress. Therefore, it would be a good idea to replace your mattress if it’s 8 or more years old, especially if you have been dealing with higher stress levels.

Old Mattress May Cause Allergies

Millions of Americans suffer from one or more allergies. This can be attributed to sleeping on an old mattress or one that is not kept consistently clean. Better Sleep Council recommends regularly cleaning your mattress in order to prevent any accumulation of dust mites, which are commonly found on old mattresses. However, in many cases, even periodic cleaning may not help much.

The better option might be to call for a new, quality mattress. You never know, it might just be worth it if you’re suffering from an allergy.

Back Pain and Other Issues

Not all mattresses are made equal. Some of them such as ultra-push mattresses can do more harm than good for your back. These mattresses can also lead to other issues such as body ache, which can take a long time to recover from. Therefore, you should test the mattress you’re buying by sleeping on it a few times first.

Poor Sleep Quality

It’s surprisingly common for people to lack energy after getting 8 hours of sleep. This can be due to an old mattress as well, as it will no longer have the ability to comfort your body.

If you’re not getting quality sleep with your mattress good enough for your health, it might be time to get a new one.

Difficulty Sleeping

While difficulty sleeping is often due to factors like high stress level, there are also cases where a poor mattress will make it difficult for you to get quality sleep. As we understand it to be, most people believe that a good mattress is crucial for getting quality sleep.

For more information, check out the below infographic that explains seven surprising ways mattresses affect your sleep and health.

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