T-Mobile cruises past estimates during Q2

Following the closing of markets in the US on Wednesday, T-Mobile revealed its Q2 results. The Magenta carrier has done it again, surpassing estimates and forecasts projected by analysts in just about every area. It’s another quarter to be put into the record books!

T-Mobile continues to grow in every which way possible. Starting with the most unexpected figure, T-Mobile added a whopping 1.33 million customers during the recent three-month period, a mix of both newbies and transfers. The nation’s third largest carrier by subscribers grew by 786,000 postpaid additions this quarter, representing all 100% of the industry’s growth. T-Mobile bragged a bit about this during their earning’s call, but there’s no doubt that they deserve the right to do so!

T-Mobile also led in industry revenue growth for the sixteenth time in seventeen past quarters with its monster $10.2 billion figure. This is up about 10% from the carrier’s 2016 results for the same quarter. T-Mobile also captured a staggering net income of $581 million, which is up 158% year-over-year. And to cap it off, the carrier’s diluted earnings per share of 67 cents showed a gain of 168% over last year.

Looking ahead, T-Mobile will try to stay competitive by employing the same aggressive sales tactics that got them here. It’s quite amazing to see what T-Mobile has done here, especially since the whole ‘Uncarrier‘ movement first began. 5G seems like it will be the next big shift and T-Mobile has completed its deployment of 700MHz spectrum in the US. Faster 600MHz spectrum is expected to be up in select areas by the end of Q3. T-Mobile also plans to have 3,000 combined T-Mobile and MetroPCS store locations by the end of this year. If T-Mobile could keep up its rapid growth for a few more quarters, they could become a real disturbance to AT&T and Verizon, who currently lie in the two spots above them.

SOURCE [T-Mobile]

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