T-Mobile introduces FamilyMode service for $10 per month

T-Mobile is the latest carrier to announce a parental control service. FamilyMode was introduced this morning and is a brand new service that costs $10 per month on top of your wireless bill. This is pretty much the standard, though this service adds a bit more than most other to justify itself as the best.

FamilyMode is better than it sounds and will be available starting June 29. Considering most other carriers have a service for monitoring device usage, it doesn’t surprise us T-Mobile wants in this market. FamilyMode will link all your devices together for in-depth control over everything in your home including what your kids use.

FamilyMode lets the account holder control smart home equipment, mobile devices, as well as certain gaming consoles, laptops, and TVs. All are unified over Wi-Fi using a home base device from T-Mobile and the new T-Mobile FamilyMode app that can be downloaded in the Play Store or Apple Store. If all you want to do is manage your kids’ devices over cellular, you don’t need the $20 home base since the app will suffice and contains the controls you’ll need. For connecting external devices, you need the hardware.

T-Mobile’s FamilyMode app includes control features such as location tracking, internet filtering, usage monitoring, web history breakdowns, and screen time restrictions. If you’re aware of what other carriers offer, you know this covers the basics and more with the ability to control consoles, laptops and TVs being a unique ability. Let us know in the comments your thoughts and if you’ll be signing up. Fingers crossed for a free trial.

Sign-up here.

SOURCE [T-Mobile]

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