TAG Heuer introduces new Connected Module 41 smartwatch

TAG Heuer sells the Connected Module 45 smartwatch, and now, there’s a smaller and cheaper version of it known as the Connected Module 41. The watch runs Google’s Android Wear operating system, and may bring some hope for the platform as we enter a new year.

Hype just doesn’t seem to exist for smartwaches anymore, as the smart home sector appears like it has stolen the show. 2017 saw the end of many smartwatch lines, so it’ll be interesting to see what comes out in 2018.

Despite a lack of Android Wear news, the smartwatch platform is still around. TAG Heuer, the premium brand known for their timepieces, recently announced the Connected Module 41. The watch looks like, well, a watch. It’s round, features a single hardware key at the right side, and has numbers around the display on a rim. The band can be swapped with any of nine choices and there are seven total variants of the watch itself.

The device features a scratch-resistant sapphire glass screen and can be submerged 50 meters in water. This is not by any means a watch for fitness. Instead, the focus is on fashion with a premium, elegant design composed of titanium. We think the smartwatch will run Android Oreo out of the box, though it has not been confirmed by the company. Smaller updates will come through Google’s Play Store.

The watch is powered by Intel’s Atom Z34XX processor backed with 1GB of RAM and comes with 8GB of storage space. The round display is of an AMOLED type for enhanced visibility outdoors. GPS is included just in case you want it, and so is NFC for Google Pay support. Otherwise, most else you need is here.

The Connected Module 41 is a slight downgrade in terms of materials from the larger Connected Module 45, which isn’t going anywhere by the way and will remain up for sale. The price of the new watch is more affordable, but still heavier than the average Android Wear offering. However, now that only watch makers seem to be bidding on Android Wear, the average starting price could soon rise close to the $1200 price tag this watch starts at. Availability will consist of the US and other regions. No release date has been set. We’ll post the product links once they’re up.

SOURCE [Android Police

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