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Google I/O 2017: Event Wrap-up and all you need to know

May 21, 2017 Doug Demagistris

May is going by fast and another Google I/O is now in the books. It has been a busy week for all of us working at Droid Turf given all the coverage but now it’s time for us to reflect on what we learned about, what’s coming and some things we wish Google had spent a little more addressing. Here is our full recap for everything you need to know about.


Google Home gets Proactive Assistance, Hands-Free Calling, and Visual Responses at Google IO 2017

May 18, 2017 Deidre Richardson

Google Home has only been out for a little over six months, with Google having announced it last year at Google IO 2016 alongside its AI, Google Assistant. There are already 50 features or capabilities of Google Home, and the search engine giant took the stage at Google IO 2017 to unveil four new features it is bringing to Google Home over the next few months: Proactive Assistance, Hands-Free Calling, Entertainment, and Visual Responses.


Weekly Poll: What tech slated for Google I/O 2017 are you most excited to hear about?

May 16, 2017 Deidre Richardson

Google I/O is Google’s developer conference (hence “I/O,” short for “Input/Output”), an event that showcases the very best of Google’s work over the last twelve months. So, we’re expecting nothing short of great things for Google I/O 2017, which will take place Wednesday, May 17 up through Friday, May 19 in Mountain View, California.

Analysis & insight

Google I/O 2017 will be held May 17th – May 19th: Here’s what to expect

May 15, 2017 David Steele

The Google I/O 2017 developer conference will take place Wednesday, May 17 through Friday, May 19. The main event is the keynote that starts at 10:00am, Pacific Time, on the Wednesday. This event is expected to last for one and a half hours and is traditionally when Google highlights the key messages of the entire event. 


New functionality makes Google Home a very adept cooking assistant

April 27, 2017 David Steele

Cooking is something of a mystical science for some of the world’s population, and because of this there is a large market for cookery books containing advice, ingredient lists and instructions for all manner of culinary delights. Indeed, cookery is arguably a great use for a tablet device in the kitchen, although it can quickly get covered in messy ingredients. Google, realizing that there is a gap in the market, has given the Google Assistant the ability to work as a [Read More]


Google Home updated to support multiple users

April 24, 2017 David Steele

The Google Home smart speaker uses Google’s artificial intelligence, neural network technology to process natural language requests and provide customers with useful information. In other words, one talks to the Google Home speaker as normal and it should be able to understand what you mean. One limitation has been the connected Google account. Hot on the heels of the rumors, the restriction of just one user has now been lifted.

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