Google Home will now accept payments for goods through the Google Assistant

February 21, 2017 Doug Demagistris

If you bought a Google Home unit for your home, you may be wondering why after so long its functionality is still limited. The tech giant has now taken a large step forward into allowing speaker owners to do more with their Google Home unit. Shopping is now possible to conduct through the Google Assistant on your Google Home using Google Express for delivery. The feature is available now.

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Check out Google Home’s 2017 Super Bowl commercial

February 5, 2017 Aniket Sovani

We recently learned that Google was dropping a cool $5 million to advertise Google Home during this year’s Super Bowl. While everyone probably expected Google to go all-out in creating a new and memorable advertisement that would captivate everyone’s attention, it won’t be quite like that. Instead, Google has decided to reuse the original Google Home launch video which first released back in October along with the launch of the Pixel smartphones and Daydream View headset.


Google Home gets smarter with added partners

February 1, 2017 Doug Demagistris

Google Home is Google’s competitor to Amazon’s Echo and other virtual assistant capable speakers. The company is looking to bridge the gap with Amazon’s Echo, but will first need to add partners in order to raise its functionality. Google is now busy doing just that.


Netflix and Google Photos integration appear to be heading towards Google Home

December 13, 2016 Doug Demagistris

Some users reported to a trusted source that Netflix and Google Photos support has started rolling out to Google Home smart speakers. The functionality allows Google Home owners to link up their Android TV device and play movies or shows as well as browse their own images on the big screen wirelessly using simple voice commands.

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Developers and third-parties can now begin building Actions on Google for Google Home

December 12, 2016 Doug Demagistris

At the MadeByGoogle16 event, Google mentioned near the end that the Google Assistant would open to third-parties some time in December. The Google Assistant is clearly where we are headed next, and there’s no place better to start that giving third-party developers the chance to build on what’s already being offered. This is how Android and mobile phones originally took off, with the rapidly growing Play Store, and the Google Assistant is to be the tech giant’s next “thriving open [Read More]

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The Ultimate Shopping Guide for all Black Friday Weekend Deals

November 25, 2016 Doug Demagistris

The way in which people shop on Black Friday and Cyber Monday has undoubtedly changed over the years thanks to the internet. People have turned to the web for most deals, as a majority of retailers now post theirs online. This is in my opinion better than what we had before, when all people had to wait on long lines the day after Thanksgiving for door-buster rates as the holiday season opened up. People now have the benefit of searching for deals [Read More]

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