The Galaxy Note 9 might embrace an in-display fingerprint scanner after all

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 could be here in August, which would follow suite with the Galaxy S9 that launched earlier than usual this year. However, a new report out of Korea contradicts the “late August” launch, so things are still up in the air. Since we’re still a ways away, we can’t be too sure about anything, but we’ve received some positive word about the handset’s fingerprint reader.

If you’re a potential Galaxy Note 9 buyer, where do you want the fingerprint reader mounted? Reports first indicated Samsung would use the help of Synaptics to place it beneath the glass on Galaxy S9, but that did not happen. Reporters later claimed that an in-display scanner would not happen on Galaxy Note 9 either due to screen protector failures. Some reports went as far to claim that Samsung would ditch the technology all together in favor of Intelligent Scan, but Korea Herald thinks otherwise.

The latest word from Korea Herald points to the next generation Galaxy Note having an in-display fingerprint scanner after all. According to the source, Samsung Display (a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics) currently has three or four solutions to embed a fingerprint sensor into the Super AMOLED screen of the Galaxy Note 9, and Samsung is “seriously considering one of the solutions.”

An in-display sensor on the Galaxy Note 9 could mean not just a design change, but also increased battery life, as Samsung would have more room to pack a larger battery cell on the back of the handset. If this is the case, I’ll be among those rooting for the relocation for sure! It was reported that a final decision of placing the fingerprint scanner will be reached by the thirty-first of March before production begins. It’s said that Samsung Display has yet to perfect the in-screen scanner technology, but perhaps it will son. Samsung will have to hurry up if it wants to debut the technology in Galaxy Note 9, because time is passing and production will have to begin soon for a release in September.

If the South Korean giant can do it, it’ll be among the first to commercialize the new scanner that’s away from the front of rear panels. But at MWC 2018 during Unpacked 2018, Samsung Mobile CEO explained that the company is no longer looking to be first in everything, and this could be a prime example of Samsung taking its time. Perhaps the South Korean giant is now learning from past mistakes. This is probably a smart idea.

SOURCE [Korea Herald]

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