The Google Assistant now comprehends Spanish on Google Home

This week Google announced that its Google Assistant has gained support for a new language. Starting this week on Google Home devices, users of the digital assistant can speak in Spanish and get proper responses to requests thanks to an update. This marks another milestone for Google and the progress it has made with Google Assistant in just a few years.

After rolling out Continued Conversation for more natural conversation, Google has another update for its assistant. As you can imagine, adding support in Google Assistant for a whole new language is not a simple task. It’s very different from launching an app in a new language, which is like translating. To speak a whole new language, Google has to teach the assistant how to do so. Having learned some Spanish myself, I cannot see it being perfect just yet, though Google claims you can do everything in English now in Spanish. In other words, Google Assistant is capable of both interpreting and speaking in the language. This makes it one of the first AI assistants to support Spanish, which should give Google Assistant a temporary edge.

At first, Spanish will be available on Google Home devices such as Mini, Home and Max in select countries where the devices are also becoming available. These are Mexico and Spain– two of the more popular Spanish-speaking countries. A large population speaks in Spanish, hence why Google focused on adding its support first. A lot more users will now be able to enjoy the benefits of Google Home, which could provide a sales and usage boost.

The language can be selected upon installation or from the Google Home app settings user “More settings” and “Preferences.” If you don’t see the option for Español in the list, you probably haven’t received the update on your speaker yet. Both the speaker and Google Home app must be up to date and it could also take a server-side switch to go into effect, so be patient.

Expect more languages in the distant future and more countries to gain Spanish support sooner rather than later. Hopefully the Google Assistant on our phones and various smart devices will gain support in the future as well.

Drop a comment below if you have Spanish up and running.

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