The mysterious third Pixel smartphone could launch in mid-2019

It’s a new week and a fresh week of Pixel rumors and rumblings. Last week was our first time hearing a good amount of information about upcoming Pixel phones from Google. And this week might be all about the rumored mid-range Pixel phone for emerging markets. We heard about the rumored third variant prior to Google I/O 2018, and sources claim it could see light midway through 2019 around next year’s show.

Compared to Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, we don’t know a whole lot about the possible third variant. We don’t know what it’ll be called, nor exactly when it will launch. Sources claim the device will launch separately from the Pixel 3 models and other Made By Google tech, and not before all of it as we originally speculated from a prior report. This particular model could touch down in 2019.

According to a trusted source, this smartphone model will utilize Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 710 platform to bring premium features at an affordable price. This is the first step down from the 800-level chipsets, so performance should be above par considering stock Android will be on board. Another device on the horizon said to feature this processor and perhaps even as soon as this year is being produced by Nokia, and its code-name is “Phoenix.” Unfortunately, we know nothing further about the rumored device.

We’re not sure if launching a mid-range device under Pixel branding is a smart idea. There’s a chance this phone comes with a totally new name. The same source also reported the code-name for the device, something we don’t yet have for each of the higher-end Pixels. “Bonito,” another fishy name, will stand for the project. Unfortunately, we still don’t know about its design, specs, features, price, nor if there will be a hardware partner. However, like the Pixel 3 models, it could borrow traits from the Pixel 2 phones.

Google started from scratch with the original Pixel, which is meant to translate to premium. Pixel did just that, but many hit on Pixel 2 for its sub-par display. Up through this point, no Pixel has been affordable like Google devices of the past. This is the first time in a while Google has considered launching a smartphone for mid-range and emerging markets other than Android One and Android Go devices, and we cannot help but to question if it’s a mistake. Google may have lost its mid-range crowd with Pixel from the start, but launching a lower-end Pixel might distort the high-end image Google set out to position with the Pixel line.

There’s still a lot of time for things to change so keep that in mind. Do you want to see Google do something different with a mid-range smartphone? What do you think is best and what do you want to see? Expect lots of rumors and leaks from here out, and maybe just a few more answers to our questions.

SOURCE [Roland Quandt on Twitter]

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