The under-screen fingerprint sensor won’t come on all three Galaxy S10 models

The Galaxy Note 9 is less than one month away from being announced by Samsung, and yet, Galaxy 10 rumors continue to roll in early in preparation of next year. Prior reports have suggested three instead of two models of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S flagship. But according to a trusted source, not all three will come with Samsung’s highlighting new feature.

Over the weekend, we received word from The Bell regarding a long-awaited and much-anticipated feature slated to arrive with the Galaxy S10. The Korean tech giant has been working to perfect its in-display fingerprint scanner, but was in no rush apart a new strategy to make it happen in time for Galaxy Note 9. While the Galaxy Note 9 is said to be a marginal upgrade, next year’s Galaxy S10 and possible Galaxy X said to arrive in Q1 will give fans the changes they’ve wanted.

The trio of Galaxy S10 models are code-named Beyond 0, Beyond 1, and Beyond 2, and they could vary in several areas. Unlike past Galaxy handsets, the three units will have many differences between them. We already heard the most premium model (Beyond 2) could have three rear cameras, while the remaining two could have a dual lens or single lens formation. According to The Bell, the beneath display fingerprint scanner will come on the premium unit as well as one other. The third unit, Beyond 0, might not have a fingerprint scanner at all and instead only facial and iris recognition. Others believe that Beyond o will use a side-mounted fingerprint scanner for a change, which will be built into the power button or a separate hardware key.

With several months to go, a lot is still up in the air. We presume the larger the variant, the better specs and more features it’ll have, but only time will tell for sure. Expect more Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S10 information to come. Perhaps soon we’ll get clarification to make more sense of all the reports we’ve received. What features do you want to see most in the Galaxy S10 flagship phones? Let us know your thoughts on this down in the comment section below.

SOURCE [The Bell]

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