This could be our first look at Samsung’s Bixby smart speaker

A Bixby-powered smart speaker has been on the cards for a very long time. We’ve heard about the possibility a number of times, but now we’re getting what could be our first look at its design. Leaked images depict a round device with a camera, built-in display and rotating microphones. The pictures look to be from a patent, so this might not be the final design but rather an idea.

Bixby Voice isn’t everyone’s favorite assistant, and we’ve alluded to this a number of times. The virtual assistant is not common on devices, having only existed on select Samsung smartphones. The voice recognition is very unfinished, still needing some work, and the capability when compared to Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa is limited. Samsung claims that a future Bixby upgrade will solve all these problems, but we’re still waiting on it. The company will need to use up a lot of its resources if it is to catch up with leading AI companies such as Google and Amazon.

Taking a look at the smart speaker, we count seven microphones. These should allow the speaker to hear people from every direction an even from far away. Interestingly, the microphones will rotate along a base to hear the user better when they’re talking. There also seems to be a small display, which would allow Samsung to show users “at a glance information” such as the time, weather and more. It might also act as the controller for volume and such.

As of right now, the only smart speakers to encompass a display are Amazon’s Echo Show and Echo Spot, along with Google’s unreleased smart displays. While it’s late for a new smart speaker entrant, Samsung could beat some with built-in display if it moves fast. This might give the South Korean company an advantage it’ll need in a world already full of Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa flavored speakers such as Google Home and Amazon Echo. Samsung will need to surprise consumers with something new and that something new could be the Bixby speaker’s built-in camera. Samsung has a positive reputation when it comes to camera tech, and this little guy might be utilized for video chatting and home monitoring.

Samsung has a need to do and make everything, and it does not want to be left out of a growing market. The Bixby speaker could launch in a few months alongside the Galaxy Note 9 with a $200 price tag. The display and camera give the speaker a design much unlike anything we’ve seen before, which could be a differentiating factor. It’s an interesting choice, but do you like it and do you think Samsung has a chance at competing even this late into the product life cycle?

SOURCE [Lets Go Digital]

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