Triple rear cameras seemingly confirmed in latest Huawei P20 renders

CES 2018 is less than one week away, and Huawei is expected to headline this year’s show with a new smartphone or two. To our understanding, the model(s) that the Chinese headquartered company will showcase is unconfirmed. But the company’s next generation P-series Android smartphones sound like a good prediction. The trio of devices appeared in leaked renders over the holiday weekend, confirming earlier information we received.

Huawei P20 models will succeed last year’s Huawei P10 models and the year before’s Huawei P9 handsets. Why the company might skip to 20 instead of using 11 is a mystery.

Three models will seemingly release this season, and all have been featured in a leak coming from Slashleaks. Though positioned differently, all three models appear to have three rear cameras. This confirms information we received in an earlier report of four total cameras (3 rear, 1 front). I don’t really see the need, especially considering that Google has been able to produce great photo quality with just a single rear lens on the Pixel 2. However, if this means better photo quality on the upcoming Huawei phones, I’ll take it.

Huawei P20 and P20 Plus look the most alike with front-facing fingerprint scanner and a similar size. We can’t tell what the phones are made of because of what we see, but one can expect lots of metal if history is to repeat itself. The P20 Pro looks a bit different with its taller and narrower aspect ratio, higher screen-to-body ratio, front notch, and rear-mounted scanner below the camera triplet.

Whether these will be the models Huawei unveils next week, or next month (at MWC 2018), is unclear. Either way, with the company’s aim at releasing smartphones in the US territory, I hope these eventually make way to the states.

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