‘Trusted Contacts’ is a new app from Google that enables one to share their location with who they trust


Earlier in the week Google released a brand new app called ‘Trusted Contacts’. The app is basically a contacts application that can replace the existing one on your phone or tablet that boasts some extra functionality in case you or your loved one happens to get lost. Best of all, your contacts can be moved right in.

If you travel alone often or care for somebody who is out and about on their own a lot, this may be a good solution for some peace of mind. Users with the new Trusted Contacts app from Google can highlight select contacts of their own in which they “trust,” allowing them to view your location without further permission being given. This could be for your own safety in case you get lost and run out of cellular connection while on your own someplace. It also works once your phone dies by making the last recorded location and time you were there visible to your trusted contacts. Users can also share their location directly with any person marked as ‘”trusted” at any time. If a person wants to earn your “trust,” they can send a request to gain that permission, which can also be reverted back at any point in time.

Privacy is definitely a concern here, but if you don’t mind others seeing where you are, which is the main purpose of the app, this will make a great solution. It’s clearly not for everyone, but if it suites you, it’s totally free and can be downloaded on Android at the link included just below. Full details along with some demonstrations can be seen at the source link leading to Google’s fancy new blog, where the original announcement was first made.

[Trusted Contacts – Download Link]

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