Try any of six new ‘Routines’ using the Google Assistant

The Google Assistant keeps on getting better. Now one can easily set up personal routines with the help of Google Assistant. With a single command, Google Assistant can handle multiple tasks to get things done for you. Routines are rolling out now in the US and more countries will follow.

To set up a routine on Google Home, you’ll want to dive into the Google Home app on your phone or tablet and select whether one person is using Google Home or if there are multiple people. Then tap to open the menu from the top left corner and open the new ‘Routine’ option. If it’s not there, you probably don’t have the update yet, so sit tight and make sure you’re running the latest version. If the option is there, choose a routine, edit the setting to your liking and save it.

The options thus far include Good Morning, Bedtime, Leaving Home, I’m Home, Commuting to Work, and Commuting Home. However, more will be added with time. As of right now, some things the Google Assistant can do are adjust sound, read and send text messages, adjust lights, change thermostats like Nest, and control connected smart home gadgets like those from August. It can also play music, news, radio, podcast, audio books, and natural sounds for sleeping. This is all done over Wi-Fi so make sure everything is connected to the same network before diving in.

Google Assistant features are different depending on the routine, for example, if users select Good Morning, expect the features to be relevant. For example, some options for Good Morning include information about the day’s weather, as well as your calendar events, and any reminders. You can also adjust settings to include only specific options if you don’t want everything listed. However, you’re maxed at the number of features included under each routine. This is definitely really cool and a step up for what Google Assistant can do. I hope we get more useful features like Routines in May.

SOURCE [Google Support]
VIA [Android Police]

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