The updates continue with Google Play Movies & TV

Google has rolled out quite a few updates for its services over the last several weeks. The latest to receive some treatment is Google Play Movies & TV, and there’s a lot to like.

It’s almost as if Google is focusing more on entertainment these days with recent app updates coming in left and right ahead of Google I/O. The Google Play Movies & TV app on Android is getting a large update this week, perhaps one of the biggest it has ever received. Up until now, the app’s sole purpose has been to sell you video content including movies and TV shows. But now, the app is encompassing a lot more.

We’re still talking about video curated content, but rather than only content licensed by Google for us to buy or rent, the app is gaining the ability for users to discover material available on external platforms. Basically, if what you’re looking for is not available, the app will recommend other sources. For example, Google may refer you to streaming services HBO or Hulu. There are others as well and the library is expanding by the day. It’s almost like a hub that’ll help you more easily find the best deals and cater to your content needs. This is a bit surprising because I’d expect the change to cannibalize Google’s sales, but streaming over downloading after all is the direction society is moving in. I wouldn’t be shocked in the future if there’s some kind of marge in functionality with Google Play Movies & TV and YouTube TV.

Other new features include the ability to narrow results by category, release date, and/or ratings. The app will also recommend movies and shows based upon what you watch and give a thumbs up or thumbs down. It’s also easier than before to give ratings and add items to your watchlist. You’ll also notice a more organized, user-friendly layout throughout the app, but most design changes aren’t major.

The update is rolling out now. Update your existing app from the Play Store or access it using the link in brackets below. Let us know if you see the changes.

[Play Movies & TV – Download Link]

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