Verizon CEO gives a glimpse of the future

If you’ve been following our daily postings on Droid Turf, you’re aware of the heated race for 5G establishment in the US. With 5G networks, carriers are looking to not only improve internet connectivity speeds, but also the many things that make up the IoT universe. Verizon is among those preparing a 5G release, and has plans to deploy 5G in the US during 2018 for select cities.

One of the uses of 5G establishment has been revealed to us or in this case, allegedly teased by the CEO of America’s largest carrier, Verizon. Apparently, devices like smartphones will need not to be charged as often since 5G will lower the latency from that associated with 4G. According to our source who shared the information on behalf of Verizon CEO, this gives developers and mobile manufacturers the chance to reduce battery size and in turn reduce the size of devices themselves. I guess we’re onto small phones again? Hold your horse.

It was an exaggeration when McAdam, Verizon CEO allegedly said that with advent of 5G, IoT devices need to be charged only “once a month.” He also said that battery life is going to be “more than 10 years.” Tech analysts strike these statements off by saying that this just a publicity stunt to gather people around an idea. This would not be the first time the carrier committed such an act. Everything we know to be true about battery technology including battery size and battery life would all of a sudden be wrong if this were actually true. Some vision, Verizon, but I think you overdid it just a little.

As a tech enthusiast, the content of the alleged statement made by Verizon CEO is hard to imagine given what we have now and use on an everyday basis. I mean, the closest thing we have right now is fast charging capabilities. Could you ever see some of this happening? Comment any thoughts down below.

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SOURCE [Mobile World Live]

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