Verizon’s go90 app is being shut down

Nobody appreciates having bloatware on their smartphone that cannot be deleted or uninstalled. This has been a problem on Android with cell carriers reserving the right to add additional apps onto most phones. Some carriers are worse than others at this, however, good news has come in from a trusted source who claims that Verizon’s often pre-loaded ‘go90’ mobile application is being shut down.

For unknown reasons, it seems that Verizon’s go90 app has reached the very end of its life. Users with the app will start to see a change go into effect from July 31. Whether you keep the service on your phone or not, it won’t work after July 31 since all content will be removed with a server-side switch that renders the app useless. We assume those with the app will then be able to delete go90, since future Verizon smartphones won’t ship with it.

In case you’re unaware of the purpose go90 served, it was a video service run by Verizon containing lots of ads. The app came pre-loaded on Verizon smartphones from all different OEMs with no way to be disabled. At the end of July, those actively working for go90 will merge into the carrier’s Oath multimedia department. Despite not working on the same platform, at least employees of go90 will get to keep their job. We don’t know if this hints at Verizon shutting down more of its carrier apps in the future, though it sure seems unlikely considering a deal agreed to by Oath and Samsung for carrier and partner apps to be placed on some devices. For now, I still recommend unlocked phones which receive updates faster and don’t have any carrier bloat to slow them down. Unless you can put up with it and get a really good deal, I’d say go unlocked.

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SOURCE [Variety] [More Verizon News]

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